Local Women in the Suffrage Movement
Winter Wraps: Coats, Capes & Shawls
A Profile of Joan Lobdell

Irvington Historical Society's Annual Meeting
Cyrus Field Honors a President by Charles T. Bates
History Cab

Senior Center Event
Historical Society House Tour and Reception
The "Off Main" Homes.
Favorite Hobbies - Creating Beautiful Things

Barbara Sciulli Award
Once Upon a Time by Ginny Read
The Early History of the Sewer and Water Systems by Eddie Mikus
Annual Meeting

Children's Workshop Program
The "Big Snow" of 1947 by Francis D. Campbell
Recollections of the "Big Snow" of 1947
The Joy of Collecting
Curator's Corner by Barbara Sciulli

John J. Irwin: A Remembrance
Coming of Age in Irvington by Jack Irwin
Children's Corner.
Curator's Corner by Barbara Sciulli
Bridal Show and Exhibit
Tomorrow's Historians

John J. Dinan, Hero
Curator's Corner by Barbara Sciulli
Upcoming Exhibits at the McVickar House
Spring and Summer Events at the Historical Society
The Quadricentennial Celebration

With Heartfelt Thanks: Betsy Griggs Wilson
Choring Around the House by Joan Lobdell
Curator's Corner by Barbara Sciulli
We Mourn the Nation's Loss by John Ryan
A Message from Irvington's Village Historian, Peter Oley

Fall at the Children's Corner
Curator's Corner by Barbara Sciulli
Irvington Pharmacies: A Century of Pharmaceuticals and Paraphernalia
Local History Sightings by Peter Oley
Fall Programs at the Irvington Historical Society


The Whitehouse Estate by Jack Irwin
A Distinguished Granddaugher of the Jaffray Family by Carolyn Stifel
The Historians Corner.
"General Samuel Thomas" by Peter Oley
The Gray Sisters by Margaret Baird
Curator's Corner by Barbara Sciulli