Irvington in the Gilded Age

by The Irvington Historical Society

The rich history of Irvington is brought to life in the wonderful exhibit, Irvington in the Gilded Age, which is currently ongoing at the McVickar House, the Greek Revival home that serves as the headquarters of the Irvington Historical Society. 

During the late 19th Century, Irvington was home to many entrepreneurs and empire builders who transformed the American economy and left their mark on the broader social structure of the Country.  Their palatial homes, opulent parties and colossal deals defined what Mark Twain referred to as the “Gilded Age” – a period in American history that was glittering on the surface but corrupt underneath.  This exhibit traces the lives of several of Irvington‘s wealthy families – such as Charles Tiffany, David Dows and Cyrus Field — while highlighting the Society’s collection from the period and offering proof of the “conspicuous consumption” that was practiced by the “social elite” of the time.

A film by Nader Sadre

This exhibit at the Irvington History Center, 131 Main Street, is open Thursdays and Saturdays 1- 4 pm through the winter months. 

Exhibit Curator:   Gail Weiler