The Irvington Historical Society’s Celebration Honoring the 2021 Legacies

by The Irvington Historical Society

The Irvington Historical Society held its Annual Fall Benefit at the historic Ardsley Country Club on November 14, 2021.  The Society celebrated and saluted its 2021 Legacies: Jim Brennen, Carol Kraus Cecere, Michael Cornman, Keiko Hirano, Kathleen Gallagan Mahoney, Reginald F. Marra, Mary L. Melvin, Carolyn Graham Stifel, Mary Lynch Toomy, Susan Waterbury Watson, and Betsy Thorndike Wilson.

This wonderful event, which was sold out, brought together friends, neighbors and family members to celebrate these great individuals and their shared memories and stories.

A highlight of the event was the beautiful film by IHS Board Member Nader Sadre, which featured each individual Legacy and allowed them to share their personal stories.

Here is a brief gallery of photos from the event, all taken by IHS Board Member Edna Kornberg.